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Neumann TLM-49
The Neumann TLM-49 is our preferred microphone.
In combination with our recording booth, it is extremely well-suited for voice recordings.
It provides the necessary sense of "air" in the higher frequencies. The resulting voice recordings sound freer and more brilliant.

Amek Purepath preAmp
The Amek PurePath demonstrates it strengths at peak recording levels. It provides the power that is essential for voice recordings and turns the familiar deficits of the microphone into absolute advantages.
A good team: The AKG-C414 and the Amek PurePath!

Digidesign Digi003 Rack
The standard in professional audio post-production. The Digi003-Rack offers all the features a project studio needs. Together with the award-winning Pro Tools software, it is the ultimate tool for an economical and efficient mode of operation.

Mayah Centauri 3001
The multi-talent in ISDN audio transfer. The Mayah Centauri is compatible with nearly all codecs and excellently suited for executing voice recordings worldwide. Many of our partners use corresponding, compatible equipment. Thus, a voice recording of a speaker who is connected from Singapore carries just the same high quality as if he or she were sitting "behind the glass" in our studio. Saves both time and money.

apt WorldNet Milano
Although the Centauri is capable of handling die apt-x encoding we also rely on the original:

This is where it all comes together: At the heart, a MacPro with Pro Tools-Software The standard in audio production. The integrated video function allows for synchronization of audio to picture. Our engineers are specially trained on this system. Efficient work fulfilling the highest demands for quality
ProTools Software


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